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For four decades the video crews of sportfilm.com have been capturing dynamic footage of “athletes-in-action”.  While producing over 600 episodes of various sports series, we have covered every sport where the entrants are testing themselves to the limit, including: running, marathoning, cross-country, triathlon, cycling, aquatics, adventure and obstacle racing, surfing, skiing, and in-line racing. The sportfilm.com media library features any sport where there is a starting line and a finish line and the participants put on a number.The sportfilm.com Media Library contains nearly 20,000 hours of sports footage, from top international professional athletes to first timers just happy to get to a finish line.

The sportfilm.com Media Library. Forty years in the making, one heartbeat at a time. Contact us at any time.  We guarantee quick turnarounds and great service.  Join the sportfilm.com team.

Salmini owns the largest participatory sports archive in the world.  Visit this site for an overview of the Archives:


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